Advantages And Disadvantages Of Camera Surveillance

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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using camera surveillance in preventing, detecting and investigating crime within specific reference to your chosen type of camera surveillance. In your essay you must consider arguments about privacy and civil rights.
Do the civil liberties and privacy issues justify the protection and safety that camera surveillance provides? Camera surveillance is prevalent in many countries as a crime prevention tool. The systems capture images or videos of the public going about their daily life. There is an argument that this poses a threat to the individuals way of life (“CCTV and ANPR”, 2010). This essay will discuss the advantages CCTV has in providing evidence for criminal investigations. It will use meta-analysis data to argue that it has limitations as a crime reduction tool, but generally makes the public feel safe. This paper attempts to show too many privacy laws can, in fact, undermine criminal investigations and public safety.
CCTV’s main advantage claim is that it is an effective crime
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Meta-analysis data suggests crime decreased, however, the results were driven by the effectiveness of CCTV in car parks and thus skewed. Despite the success of CCTV in investigating high profile criminal acts, the enormous cost of CCTV systems may not justify this, and other methods need to be sought. There has been growing discontent and protests that CCTV impact public privacy. This essay indicates research trying to prove this is exaggerated and varying. Examination of the evidence indicates, that although CCTV may not be as effective as thought, it does have its advantages. UK government understands privacy and is implementing major changes to safeguard the public. In fact, the culture of privacy can undermine crime prevention and investigations, therefore can be construed as a
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