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Carmex What are the advantages and disadvantages for the carmen marketing team in collecting data to narrow the flavor choices from three to two using an online survey of a cross section of internet households or an online survey or Carmex Facebook likers? For an online survey of a cross section of internet households, the advantage is that the population from which the sample is drawn is representative of all internet households. So the population includes of non users of lip balm and all users of competing lip balm. Disadvantages include of the offset such as the cost. The sample of internet household is far higher as many household in the sample can’t be reached as they may have spam blockers that my prevent the survey from being viewed.…show more content…
Quick response results are available within hours interest of the populations sampled. Consumers who use Facebook page are high interested in Carmex lip balms and are like to take the time to respond. It is easy to respond and respondents can simply click on a flavor to register their preference. The disadvantages and the key disadvantages relate to the dancer of not reaching some respondents of interest because they are not Carmex Facebook likers or nonusers of Carmex lip balm. Therefore, the sample misses these potential buyers. The sample misses this group who are Carmex lip balm users but are not Carmex Facebook likers, whose opinions are also very important. 2. On a Facebook page what are engagement and likes really measuring for Carmex which is more important and why ? These measures account how often likers post on the Carmex wall or like a Carmex post or reply to a Carmex post.These measures the side of community through likes. In this scenario, engagement is the more important metric because Carmex needs its community to engage and answer the question about its flavor preferences. Adding a contest or additional activity to go likes would swerve to help a large intuitive to grow the isle of the community but does not answer the flavor…show more content…
Voice is the lungs of the content. Contests and promotions are consistent with growth. These promote the consumers to like a page. 4. What are the advantages of using a fixed alternative pol question of Facebook. when do you think it would be better to use an open ended question? As fixed alternative question, this allows confirmers to answer a question simply by clicking on an answer and reality anonymity. Open ended questions works well when a brand in looking for an engagement with answers. There will be fewer responses, but fans will spend serval minutes drafting response to a post like greeting. Facebook doe not measure depth of engagement only quality. A brand will have lower engagement metrics even though the engagement resounds is deeper. 5. If you had limited budget on a two weeks to decide which of the flavors to put into quantitative testing would you chose a poll only or a contest only strategy why? If you has a sizable budget and two months to make the same decision which scenario would you choose

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