Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cell Phones In School

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Many children these days have cell phones. You often see teenager’s texting on their phones. It has become a part of everyday life and a part of society. However I feel cell phones should not be allowed at school what so ever but other people say it is vital for children to have their cell phones at school.

One of the reasons why cell phones shouldn’t be allowed at school is because they impact their social lives negatively. Many teenagers and pre-teens get cell phones as soon as possible, sometimes younger than the age of 12. It is encouraged socially between the teens to have a phone or teenagers get one due to peer pressure and feeling left out. During break at school, children stand in their lunch groups but fail to communicate properly with their friends because they focused to what they’re doing on their phone. However that could not be the case. Phones help boys to contact and have conversations much more easily with their girlfriends over the phone compared to a conversation in person. Most children play sport and in high school level sport becomes more competitive and more stressful. The solution to this is many sports have social media groups, with their
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Not allowing cell phones at school makes the student more reliant to use a watch for the time keeping and in the business world it is a great advantage to rather use your watch for time keeping because your phone could go flat. Although having cell phones at school teachers students to look after the belongings and to accept the consequence their cell phone were to get stolen or misplaced. Despite what many people argue, allowing cell phones during school would not be a good idea because of distractions to students and teachers, a new and easy way of cheating on tests, theft would be a possibility within the school and enhanced social problems, including lack of communication and
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