Advantages And Disadvantages Of Census

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It is clear that it is easy to analyze data collected through sampling then census merely if the size of the population is concerned and economic convenience is at stake. Limitation of these elements converge our research strategy to the cited one.
A sample may provide you with needed information quickly. For example, you are a cricketer and you are playing a match on a rough pitch. You just entered to bat after a dreadful start of your team, like four wickets down in the first over. Now what will you do? Will you go for the shot playing technique? As if it was a twenty 20 match? No you just take the sample of one or two balls to get in and set your eye. Rather than going for census that stop all the balls and not go for single run even. Census always takes much more time than the sample to execute.
For our study time management is an important parameter. Time aspect can be maintained by using IT resources and project management. Time management is also important as we have to present findings on arranged dates.
For large populations quite large amount of assumptions are made. For instance, we can take an example of population of university students in UK suppose, equal to 500000.
Hence it becomes illogical and impossible to extract each and every detail of students amongst the population. It is therefore impossible to conduct census for such a large population. The only way out is through student sampling.

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