Advantages And Disadvantages Of HIE Model

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the HIE models.
One of the models used In HIE is the centralized model. Another term for it is also called the Consolidated model. The Centralized model allows all the data to be stored in a single warehouse or data storage unit. People who use this can regularly submit patient data while being able to view the data through external delivery methods. After reading more on this, I was able to understand that this model works well in community networks and is easy to locate data. Some of the issues Centralized model has is that there is a likelihood of data duplication from multiple providers.
Another model is the Decentralized model, or the Federated or distributed model. In this model, the participant
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One is the Direct Messaging Service. The direct messaging service makes sure that the messages that are sent within the hospital from physician or health care professional, especially about patient care is safely transferred. Another way that Hospitals can ensure data integrity is through patient look up services that have secure portals to help look up patients in a hospital without violating their privacy and risking their information leaked to outsiders. Thirdly, there is also the event notification services, which provides subscribers with timely notifications about their members’ hospital encounters. Information about a member’s visit including the primary complaint are securely sent via the plans preferred method and schedule. This service offers the opportunity for subscribers to better engage in care coordination and make sure that proper follow-up care is received. The AHIMA report that was released in 2012 also stated some ways that would help data integrity be at its best. They suggested that there be oversight and accountability mechanisms, acceptance criteria and patient identification practices as part of an internal review processes, and an understanding by exchange participants on how and when corrections will be made to patient data. To facilitate data quality, the ultimate goal of any HIE should be accurate identification of the patient. HIE patient identity and administration has three patient identification profiles: (1) the patient identifier cross-reference profile that matches patients by cross-referencing IDs; (2) the patient demographics query profile queries a central patient information server; (3) patient administration management has knowledge on the status of the patient which means they know where the patient is, was, or is

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