Advantages And Disadvantages Of Change

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Change in an organisation has grown over the past two decades according to (Carnall, 2007) he explained that up to date major change efforts have helped some organisation adapt significantly to shifting conditions and have improved the competitive standing of others and positions for better future (Carnall, 2007). ‘’Change is difficult’’ (Carnall, 2007.3).
(Mullins and Christy, 2013) explained the general factors that lead to change within the organisation and they are as follows; increase business competencies, globalisation, rapid technological progress, 24/7 society‘s demand for work and life balance and shifting to the world labour markets (Carnall and Todrum, 2010), explained the important and role of the leader and followers as elements in the management of change. They continued that the leader signal the need for change and without the supporters, change is not possible.
In this module. the two change models (Kotter, 1995) eight steps change models in comparison with Lewin’s three stages of change will be discussed and critically analysed as well as their advantages and their disadvantages in management of change. Analysing the two change models and comparing the practical set- up in our organisation. we will therefore realise that our organisation practically use the Lewin’s change model in the management of change. In Lewin’s change model, change has to take place regardless of people emotions and it well communicated to everybody.
Culture and organisational
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