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The thing is, lately, not a day goes by without us leaning about a new breakthrough in nutrition research. And this constantly evolving process in which just as swiftly we are promted to unlearn and start over has us raking our brains. Green tea, green coffee, Garcinia Camboia, Chitosan, Coconut oil, hot lemon water, chia seeds, oats, cinnamon –we’ll get to this one soon-...the list is endless. With no intention of generating further confusion today we are adding yet another item to the perpetually growing index of natural treasures to introduce to your daily regime, not only because it promises a whole lot in terms of weight loss, but more importantly due to its many extras said to contribute to your
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Antioxidant. Chai’s antioxidant ingredients provide the drink with this important trait. Antioxidants fight rebel cells called free radicals that otherwise start chain reactions which can cause damage to the cells which ultimately may trigger cancer. The antioxidante power of cardamon, ginger, black tea and cinnamon give Chai tea its cancer prevention property.

2. Strengthen the immune system. Since Chai tea contains some of the most treasured spices in Asian medicine, its combination nourishes the immune system and warms the body. Take black tea, which is a powerful anti viral and mix it with cardamon which fights respiratory allergies, and you have a drink that reinforces the immune system against cold and flu viruses. By being properly hydrated immune cells are easily communicated and able to flush out bacteria and viruses.

3. Eases digestion. It’s the combination of all of Chai’s herbs and spices acting together that aids digestion, specially taken after meals. What it does is promote good transit encouraging movement through the system, helping reduce bloating because both gas and water roll on. Taste buds are also stimulated by black pepper increasing saliva and peristalsis, and working as a reminder to the stomach to excrete the hydrochloric acid needed for digestion. This prevents undigested food from getting to the intestines generating gas and diarrhea. Cinnamon also helps by calming the stomach and fighting

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