Advantages And Disadvantages Of Child Labour Essay

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A child is undeniably a major responsibility of parents. Then why is that some children are enforced to work? They are made to serve as a helping hand to the family when children of their age are enjoying, having fun and receiving quality education. While children of their age are given money by their parents for their expenses, they in turn give money to their parents for the running of their family. Child labor is the practice of having children engage in economic activity, on part time or full time basis. In most countries the minimum age to at which children can start working is 15, but do people obey this rule? The sad truth is that they don’t and the person who appoints children under 15 to work is punishable according to law. The scenario of children working is not new to us. We all have witnessed children working at various places, but have ever given a thought, what is the reason behind this? Are these children working on their own wish? Does working make them happy? Don’t they feel like enjoying their life? Are…show more content…
Discrimination on grounds of gender, race, and religion or ethic group also plays a part in why some children work. Children are often employed and exploited because compared to adults they are more vulnerable, cheaper to hire and are less likely to demand higher wages or better working conditions. Some employers falsely argue that children are particularly suited to types of work because of their small size and “nimble fingers”. For many children school is not an option. Education can be expensive and some parents feel that what their children will learn is irrelevant to the realities of their everyday lives and futures. In many cases, school is also physically inaccessible and or lessons are not taught in the child’s mother tongue. As well as being a result of poverty, child labour also perpetuates

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