Advantages And Disadvantages Of Children And Family Transfer

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Currently, in this mobile world, since families relocate several times, children need to transfer between schools. At the same time, another group of children transfer because their parents want to pursue better education for their children. Will transferring greatly affect children mentally? Can children appear successfully in different environments and social settings? According to the author, transferring can bring lots of disadvantages to children’s growth. In AACAP’s article “Children and Family Moves,” the anonymous author pointed out transferring between schools can bring mental illness, interruption of friendships, and difficulties at school. However, I strongly disagree with the author’s view of what transferring will bring to children. My personal experience strongly provides a counter…show more content…
By giving an example of “Children in kindergarten or first grade may be particularly vulnerable to a family move because developmentally they are just in the process of separating from their parents and adjusting to new authority figures and social relationships. The relocation can interfere with that normal process of separation by causing them to return to a more dependent relationship with their parents, (AACAP)” the author lays out the hardship that a transfer student departures from a familiar environment to a totally new circumstance. All children will develop through ages, including transfer students. Transfer students need to face challenges produced by diversity of two environments. Thus, these students obtain a strong ability of overcome challenges and difficulties. My own experience shows that the point is not different environments or different authority figures, but helps from new teachers and vitally own parents. With helps, children can fit the new environment quicker and reduce the negative effect on growth, such as the more dependent relationship with parents caused by

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