Advantages And Disadvantages Of China

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In the rich-men 's club it 's fashionable, and time 's expedient, to mollycoddle with the wealthy and the crème-de-la-crème and the top-class even if you do not particularly like them but with China comes something very different; a relish for the humble, the unsung, the disadvantaged. It is as if China really understands and practices the best Christianity has to offer without labelling it by that excellent name.

No rational person accuses China of arrogance.

Nobody accuses China of imperialism and colonialism motivation.

Nowhere is China accused of subverting governments for financial, political or military advantage.

A careful examination of China over the recent decades has shown that she does not follow the western model on anything and is committed to doing things her way and to her own time scale.

No other country in the world combines communism with industrialization in such a clever way as to produce a balanced country where every Chinese citizen is included. In the biggest country in the world not a single person suffers from malnutrition and endemic hunger. You only have to look next door at India to see the difference.

But it is in the treatment and relations beyond its shores that China 's model transcends all others.

Let 's face it, the Western model is essentially a European model and although it has done some good things, it has been a harbinger of horrors to peoples throughout the world. But far worse it has been a dead weight on the back of
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