Advantages And Disadvantages Of Collaboration

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Collaboration of organization, when two or more organization with different culture combined to work under a shared goal to have success in the business world. Basically organization collaboration is not a new idea it was there from prehistoric time itself in one way or the other later as time passed organization started to adopt as they needed to stand in the competitive world of business and to with stand in business some organization make collaboration with their own competitor’s and taking this step is very important because it like double edged sword. Collaboration organization is not an easy step because many steps are involved in it and also when two organization collaborate together that will affect a large number of people who are inside and outside the firm. When collaboration happens between two organizations they share many thing with each other like information, strategy, ideas, and technology .It will also help to improve the personnel relationship.
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Collaboration may happen between different companies or between different kind of cooperation’s even if the collaboration was for the profit of non-profitable organization or better development for the organization, all types of collaboration has its advantages and disadvantages however profitable the collaboration may of the advantage is personnel, when collaboration happens there is a way to enhance the personnel relationship which will help the organization also. A nonprofit organization may will benefit from collaboration as it can increase the number of volunteers from collaborating company. If company A has good software developers and company B has strong hardware developers then if these two companies collaborate then , then consumer will get a strong product with good software and hardware ,and also company will get profit as its customers

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