Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communalism

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4.3.3. Communalism Communalism has become one of the biggest threats of modern India. Problem that arises between the socio-religious relations of the people who belong to various minority communities on the one hand and the majority community on the other, can be referred to as ‘communalism’. Communalism and communal riots normally arise when religious matters are politicalised. Many sociologists have given different definitions for explaining communalism. According to G.R Singh, “Communalism is a sort of narrow ideology with a strong tendency to promote the interests of a particular community at the cost of the other communities and even of the nation”. Anyway, communalism assumes an extremely negative connotation in the Indian context.…show more content…
Some of the teachings are: Vedic religion as the only true religion, the Arya samajists are the Nazis of Hindustan, India is the Land of Aryans: Aryavarta etc. The Hindu Mahasabha and V.D Savarkar played a very significant role in the process of revitalization and self conscientization of Hindu society. He defensively tried to unite all Hindus in order to safeguard their interests, culture and religion. The major teachings are: Hindutva, Hindus alone are the true sons of the soil etc. the spirit which Savarkar had injected to the Hindus ‘that they alone are the true sons of the soil, enabled the Hindus to unite themselves as one community and to defend their religion, to establish a Hindu rashtra. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh founded by K.B Hedgewar in 1925 has been trying to re-invigorate Hindu dharma and Hindu nationalism. Hedgewar says, “Hindu culture is in the life breath of Hindustan. It is therefore clear that if Hindustan is to be protected, we should first nourish the Hindu culture”. Major teachings are Hindu culture is superior to all other cultures, Hindustan is for Hindus etc. The Vishva Hindu Parishad founded by M.S Golwalkar is one of the leading front organizations of the RSS. It shares the same concerns and aspirations as to the consolidation and defense of Hindus. Major teachings are: to preserve and promote the Vedic glory of…show more content…
The publishing of “mission India 2000” has provoked Hindu fundamentalists and has given a distorted image that of a proselytizing Christianity. Thus the VHP General Secretary, Ashok Singal in a public meeting at Bombay promised to raise a 10,000 strong army of Hindu missionaries to combat the 80,000 Christian missionaries in India, who he alleged have converted Hindus to Christianity. In this context of diametrically opposite trends, it is imperative for the Christians in India to rethink their mission and welcome dialogue to diffuse tensions and to bring about communal harmony among different religious

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