Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication Approach

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At the core of good research is the proper communication with respondents. Therefore, it is researchers’ responsibility to develop questions which will ensure the collection of the data needed form participants in the survey. The following course work focuses on the instrument design and its peculiarities. The study draws predominantly on an article by Cooper and Schindler from their work Business Research Methods (1998). Other scientific articles and internet sources are added to extend the scope of the study.
To construct an instrument for communication with respondents may seem to be straightforward and easy task to the laymen. However, such an assumption about the development of an instrument is quite deceptive. Many people have experienced the nagging feeling to participate in boring, irritating and poorly designed interviews and questionnaires. Instrument design is art and craft and its creation requires several criteria to be followed. (
The development of a successful survey goes through three basic phases that help creating a useful tool for data collection and proper communication with respondents. But before looking at them, it is necessary to pay some attention to the communication approach.
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Communication Approach:
The communication approach has several advantages and disadvantages. Its greatest advantage is the huge variety of methods that can be employed. Moreover, it is of great practice when it
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