Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication Challenges In English Language Teaching

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English occupies a place of prestige in our country even after more than six decades of the departure of the British from India. No indigenous language however has come up to replace English, either as a medium of communication or as an official language. With the Independence, in spite of many a movement against the teaching of English in India under the influence of nationalistic feelings and emotional hostility English began to reassert its position and now we find that it has firmly established itself in the soil of India. Though still there are only a few who can understand and speak good English yet gradually the number is increasing. Let’s here discuss communication challenges in English language teaching in relation to classroom situations which also demands brooding over communication purpose of English language teaching in Indian perspective. The term communication has been derived from Latin “Communis” meaning to share. Hence communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, and…show more content…
Instruction begins with an assessment of what students already know, and builds new concepts on their existing knowledge. Differentiation provides students with varied experiences to engage with content. A differentiated classroom offers multiple ways for students to access content, to process and make sense of the concepts and skills, and to develop products that demonstrate their learning .Technology supports classroom strategies by creating new routes to learning, addressing multiple learning needs, and providing forums for individualized access to content and expression. To understand and make the communication purposes of English language teaching in Indian perspective successful, we must know the problems that exist and the ones that we may have to face while going for improvement. Every certain classroom situation needs corresponding adjustment in the manner and style of

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