Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication

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1.1 Background of Study
Language is used as a means of communication. Matthew (1997) defines language as a use of vocal and written communication among human beings. Communication refers to the process of sending information from one living thing to another. Communication comprises non-verbal and verbal symbols, both of which can communicate thoughts or feelings. There are many people who know the grammar of a sentence while making statement but they do not know the function of modal, verb, adjective, adverb and noun. Besides, although they do not know the word meaning, people also do not know the sentence meaning that we call as proposition. Hyland (2005), boosters means that a respondent shows confidence in their stance of some issues.
In today’s society, education is really essential in order to be successful economically and society.
In this sentence from an essay of one of the respondents, the use of the word really puts the adjective essential on a certain status. The respondent could just have said essential but she said really essential. Because the adverb really, the meaning of sentence changed. The use of the adverb really boosted the sentence and gave it another meaning.
The phenomenon of booster can be found in many kinds of written text. One example of the texts is Explore More magazine. The contents of written text are used to give information to the reader.
Explore More is the exciting travel magazine from Viking Cruises. It is packed

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