Advantages And Disadvantages Of Community Policing In Canadian Society

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Community policing in Canadian societies has many advantages and disadvantages. The era of this policing was introduced in the 1980’s when there was a push for a police-community relationship that would decrease crime. Personally, I think it is effective if it is constructed and executed responsibly. The basis of community policing is interacting with and acknowledging the community. This allows police services to identify problems and render services in a more efficient manner. By having police officers work with society, they can help tackle the real issues based on their own community. However, by consulting with the public in decision-making, concerns that may not be police-related arise. Communities are not unified groups of the same morals, ethics, or values. Communities are diverse, whether it is race, age, gender, or income. By working with the community as a whole, finding a common consensus is nearly impossible. Police officers will begin to turn social problems into police problems, which is not what would benefit the community. There is an importance that every community has a voice. If that voice is being heard by the wrong authority, it will have a negative effect. Police services are not the authority to reach out to for social problems. We must provide other services, like our politicians, to solve those concerns. Police officers cannot raise wages or change the health-care system, and turning them into police problems will be extremely detrimental. Social

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