Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer-Based Information System

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Computer-based information system (CBIS) is very broad use, it 's not just limited to large organizations only, even for small companies and the individual at home. Computer-based information system is a combination of hardware, software and telecommunication system, which can support business operations for increase productivity and help managers make decisions. Besides that, Computer-based information system can also support managers and staff to analyze a problem, describe a complex subject and new products and services. An information system can be categorized into two, namely the manual and automation. Automation information system is also known as a computerized information system or computer-based information systems. Before the presence…show more content…
Software such as this include industrial automation, business software, educational software, medical software, databases, and computer games. A program will not be able to work with complete only with one program only. He needs additional software from the software group that is to be complete. This group includes the software components used by stand-alone program, but were not able to work alone.
Human: Manufacture products, provide services, solve problems and make decisions. Man using a computer known as an end-user (end user) or the user. Human use CBIS to make work become easy and increase their productivity. Besides that, human use CBIS to keep many data on computer and to give information to other user. Human also responsible to maintain their system from down and increase their system to make system become update and smooth. Data: Data is something that does not have meaning for the recipient and are still in need of a treatment. Data can be a state, images, sounds, letters, numbers, math, language or other symbols that we can use as an ingredient to look at the environment, objects, events, or concepts.
Types of data
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