Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Virus

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Introduction to Virus /Trojan A computer virus is a malware program designed to negatively affect your computer and when it is executed, It makes various copies of itself into other computer programs, files, boot sector, etc. It also performs some other harmful activities like corrupting files, displaying images or unwanted messages, etc. It can spread rapidly on a network. These viruses also causes worth a billion of dollars of economic loss every year by increasing the maintenance cost, corrupting computer data, etc. In order to prevent form the computer virus many antivirus software are being developed. But still antivirus software is able to catch all the computer virus. Trojan is the type of malware which is designed in order to provide…show more content…
And now we will discuss about how we are affected by the virus and what kinds of virus are affecting us. Here we will discuss about both the traditional and the new viruses so that we will be able to protect our computers from it. As we listen to the news we hear about various electronic infection or about the loss of billions of dollars people face because the computer virus. Among those viruses the most common viruses are: 1) Viruses: It is small software hidden in a computer program. 2) Email viruses: A virus that travels after it gets attached to e-mail messages is known as email virus. And it duplicates itself by automatically mailing itself other people from the user’s email address. 3) Worms: A small piece of software which uses the computer network and security hole to duplicate itself. This kind of virus is mainly caused by the email attachments. As the worms are duplicated as it is entered in the computer network and a duplicated worm scans the network for another machine which has the security hole. Also, as the worm uses its network it expands really quickly. Some examples for computer worms is Bulubebek which was spread through email which destroyed the fire walls , code red was also a jamming worm virus in computer which helped hackers to hack the computer system from the

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