Advantages And Disadvantages Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Introduction In the 1880s when the industrialization began it was discussed whether or not companies should begin to look at their own social responsibilities. This journey of discussion has leaded us to what is known now as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The growing interest with CSR has given companies a number of different business strategies which they can use to their advantage or as some authors argue it can become a major disadvantage to the business reputation or profit margin. The author plans to carry out research on many different CSR projects which other companies have participated in. By carrying out this investigation the author hopes to achieve a full understanding to why companies wish to include CSR within their business strategy. The investigation wishes to explore the advantage and disadvantages that a company will face in taking a CSR project on. The investigation will also attempt to understand the different dynamics that could affect the company’s reputation or employees’ morale, their motivation in working for a company and also lastly the impact on the local community that the CSR project is partaking in. The author has worked closely with the Oil Marine Agencies Group (OMA) and has permission and access to work closely with this company, which is, located in Tema, Ghana. Permission has been grated from OMA for a study to be applied on them and their new project that has been called Futurestars. The CEO of OMA has given permission

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