Persuasive Essay On Creatine

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The desire to become bigger, faster, stronger is constantly sitting atop of every true athlete’s goal sheet. These three components are all needed in order to compete at a high standard at any of the high school, collegiate, or professional levels. But actually becoming these things can be far more difficult than any athlete could imagine. Many times these athletes try to find shortcuts by consuming products that can cut this process in half. Within the last decade, the findings of creatine phosphate have made this process much easier, faster, safer, affordable, and do not forget legal. Chris Poner, a professional lifter for Power Training Television shares his thoughts on creatine stating “Creatine gives athletes an advantage by allowing them to see results and increase their strength in a shorter time” (Sports, 2006). Many people question…show more content…
Creatine has no chemically modified ingredients and is a naturally occurring chemical within a person’s body. Other sources of food contain creatine such as red meats and fish. No one source of food has the ideal amount of creatine to increase muscle gain. Unlike most steroids, creatine is one-hundred percent legal at every level of sports. Creatine producers make consumable doses in either a liquid or granular form (Harrison, 2011). In the muscle training word, hundreds of different brands sell creatine. Athletes often question which company sells the best, most effective product. But creatine phosphate is creatine phosphate and no matter what container or label an athlete purchases it in, the supplement still works the same. Sometimes companies experiment with the consumption method and combine it with other protein powders. Caution must occur in making sure the correct amount of creatine is consumed. Like all other kinds of supplementation or even medicine, directions and serving sizes play a crucial role on the patients’
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