Advantages And Disadvantages Of Criminal Rights

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• Social taboos and stigma surrounding certain crimes and social alienation which results when cases are publicised.
• Trepidation and few of the complexity of the criminal justice system and of its agents.
Non-availability of translators and lack of communication resulting from legation designed to teach an agreement when you and the other side have some interest that are shared and others that are opposed.
ADR has got a lot of benefits for parties facing heavy burdens of conflict and violence compared to Court, Regarding the following advantages:
• A single procedure - Through ADR, the parties can agree to resolve in a single procedure a dispute involving intellectual property that is protected in a number of different countries, thereby avoiding the expense and complexity of multi-jurisdictional litigation, and the risk of inconsistent results.
• Party autonomy - Because of its private nature, ADR affords parties the opportunity to exercise greater control over the way their dispute is resolved than would be the case in court litigation. In contrast to court litigation, the parties themselves may select the most appropriate decision-makers for their dispute. In addition, they may choose the applicable law, place and language of the proceedings. Increased party autonomy can also result in a faster process, as parties are free to devise the most efficient procedures for their dispute. This can result in material cost savings.
• Neutrality - ADR can be neutral to the law,

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