The Crowd Sourcing Model

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CROWD SOURCING (UNITY IS STRENGTH) Crowd sourcing is a sourcing model in which individuals or firms or organizations use contributions from the internet users to get the ideas and needed services. It’s a blend of two words – crowd and outsourcing. To achieve a cumulative result, it is divided to work between two or more participants. Crowd sourcing is different from outsourcing. Outsourcing- work gathered from public. Crowd sourcing-- top-down + bottom-up process. The simple idea is outsourcing the work to group of workers(crowd). It’s a form of peer- production ( doing job collaboratively). It’s done by the format of open call and by the network of labourers. It is coined by Jeff Howe and Mark Robinson in 2005. Daren C. Brabham was the first to research using the word “Crowd sourcing” in february1, 2008 article. Example: WIKEPEDIA Wikepedia is hiring the…show more content…
It may any anonymous person or a group. You never know who they are? , where they are from? , who they belong to? , and for whom they are working? In this case your information is not totally secure. Even if they sign the non-disclosure document for you, you may not feel secure and your information is not 100 percentage safe through crowd sourcing. This is one of the major challenge that crowd sourcing face. LACK OF COMMUNICATION: This is another major problem with crowd sourcing. Since we are giving the problem to the crowd (unknown people) that we never know, they may not understand the problem fully. To give a proper and a correct solution to the problem given, the participants must first understand the problem in the same way the firm addresses it. If not then the participants make their own assumption and make solution to the problem (incorrect solution) and it leads to waste of time and money. IDEAS Vs
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