Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cultural Differences In Different Countries

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Do you have opportunity to study in a foreign country? If you said yes; you may wonder about the life in another country. More and more students are worried about whether they can adapt the life oversea or not. (Foreign Student Support 2016). Nowadays, with the development of society and economy, an increasing number of people have opportunities to study abroad. Thus, a lot of western universities today must educate the students from different cultural backgrounds. A problem that how to turn this cultural diversity into an asset rather than a disadvantage has become a public concern. From my point of view, universities can reduce the disadvantages of culture differences in these three aspects.

First of all, one of the biggest problems for students from different countries is the languages. A majority of student does not have the ability to even write an essay, they always have spelling or grammar problems in their work. Moreover, they cannot even communicate with local people, most of them prefer stay with the students from home countries and still speak their mother languages (How to Overcome English Language Problems 2016). Thus, most of western universities require students to submit their IELTS or TOFEL scores when they are applying to the schools. However, there are still a lot of students who possess the studying ability but do not fulfill the language requirements. Thus, some western schools apply language schools or bridge courses to foreign students. Take the

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