Advantages And Disadvantages Of Culture Encounter

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How culture encounter change the situation of any country? There are some causes lead to those progression; as we have Benin the central counter in Africa is a good example here . Which it does not have any features . The phenomenon of culture encounter has been known long ago. The concept of cultural encounter is manifested in Benin 's art that could be sometimes an original context to undergo translation of artistic objects, and changes the social attitudes. Culture encounter gave a lot of advantages and disadvantages such in Benin case, the colonization could benefit any culture, could affect the individual by the language and could affect its culture. So I am going to use Benin as an example in this essay to discuss the negative effects and benefits of culture encounter on a country, and how an encounter could be affected by the occupied attic; there are advantages and disadvantages for the culture encounter, the original context changes by the time as the artistic objects reflects the culture of countries and the reassessment of these cultures should be studied well, so we have to learn from this experiment. The European have a big role to show Benin art, there are advantages and disadvantages for this role. The European benefit a lot by the art of Benin when they gather the statues and put them in the British Museum. Although they said that they took the statues and sculptures because the Benin people are so stupid as they do not have any
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