Advantages And Disadvantages Of Culture Shock

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Globalization is the process which makes connections among the people, companies, governments and different nations through international trade and investments aided by information technology. Globalization brings the world people to one community.
According to globalization is the world moving toward its economy, finance, and trade and communication integration.
Globalization exists to the opening of the local surroundings and to the nationalistic perspectives to which it brings a wider or broader of outlook to an interconnected and interdependent in the world, such situation accompanied with free transfer of capital, goods, and services across national frontiers. However, globalization does not include
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It is not easy to leave family, where missing all these have gotten an effect with people moving to another country. The new place and the new people may not share the new persons experience as the former ones, and there is a limit of friends and familiar culture behind. The feeling of their absence after a while can be felt very much. Many people who move to another place or abroad, they experience commonly referred to as “culture shock”, that is usually happens after an initial period of adjustments to a new culture.
There are three stages to express how culture shock works.
First stage.
Before the departure of the new place a person with feeling of happiness, with a form of euphoria and enthusiasm. The second stage because of rejecting the new culture the person starts showing a feeling of irritation or frustration with minor things, such as a seat in restaurants, banking systems or mail delivery.
Third stage: Once the person manages speaking the local language which might give the first hand access and a person can understand the most aspects of daily life and joins the surroundings which help him for
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