Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

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INTRODUCTION Man has engaged his life into the cyber world as it forms his indispensable part to lead the daily life i.e. from advanced space missions to ordinary railway / bus ticketing, banking businesses, share marketing, e-shopping, matrimony, etc. The core banking, internet banking, e-payments, e-learning techniques etc. has made human life so easy in the globalised century. Internet developed in 1960s earmarked as a start-up for the information era with technology. The tremendous change, the technology has in pursuit of information, calls for overview of its functions in the pretext of growing infringements and crime rates using internet. Cyber world crescents over a multitude of issues thereby placing the intelligent man at stake by simply on the use of a single monitor and a keyboard. The catastrophe is that once the cyberspace as a tool was viewed with enthusiasm and longing for exponential growth of information have now contributed to be used for intentional misfeasance. Cybercrime is nowhere defined in the statutes. William Gibson, in 1984 has first used the word cyberspace. It meant a simulated world of computers where internet is used, where individuals positively interact, business and transact in a better way. Cybercrime can be effectively be defined as an unlawful act or omission using computer as tool or as a target of criminal activity to denial of service attack. The cybercrimes are precise in its mode of operation, scene of crime, time of the
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