Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

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1. Information technology is advancing speedily and imposes great impact to the society. The rise of information and communication technologies has significantly shaped the ways we lead our lives. It is hardly imaged for training without the use of computer or other IT devices; mobile phones are no longer luxury goods and not solely used by working adults, but also the aged and the youths. 2. Information technology has not only brought convenience to people, but also encouraged criminals to take advantage of advanced technology to commit crimes through various modus operandi. 3. The threat from cybercrime is constantly evolving with new opportunities to commit ‘old’ crimes in new ways as well as high-tech crimes that did not exist before. 4. Besides, cybercrime becomes more organized and seek to take advantage of those using internet services in recent years. The generations of cybercrime can be summarized as follows:- 4.1 Telephony-based offending In the past, criminals used telephony technologies to commit crime. Despite there are still telephony-based fraud cases at present, it becomes more common for the criminals to use the Internet on which they connect with people by emails, social networking websites and messaging software. Culprits would hack email accounts and cheat victims by all possible means to make remittances as email is a common form of communication channel for liaising with relatives and friends as well as commercial partners. 4.2 Mainframe
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