Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

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In today’s time probably highest percentage of population is in touch with cyber world neither matters that it is social networking, banking, shopping or any other means. So with interaction of population to cyber world in high percent also comes with lots of its disadvantages and makes a thousand of ways to intruders commit crimes by different techniques and modern ways for just their greediness and irrespective profit. The intruders don’t have any personal fight or revenge motive but most of the time they just use and practice their skills for fun as they find it easy to earn money without having to do an honest day’s work. There are many kinds of third party which acts as a safeguard or friend but they have just one motive for their profit to steal personal information for unusual and profitable use.


As internet usage is growing daily the world is coming closer. The World Wide Web sounds like a vast activity but surprisingly one of its qualities is bringing the world closer making it a smaller place to live in for its users. With the same of its advantages it also comprises of wrong activities and cybercrime.
One of the best ways to avoid being a victim of cybercrimes and protecting your sensitive information is by making use of hi-tech impenetrable security that uses a unified system of software and hardware to authenticate any information that is sent or accessed over the internet.

Types of cyber-crimes:-
When any crime is committed over the
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