1.4 Cyclohexanedimethanol?

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iv. 1,4 cyclohexanedimethanol (1,4 CHDM) 1,4 cyclohexanedimethanol is an alicyclic glycol [52], the cycloaliphatic structure of 1,4 cyclohexanedimethanol imparts particular conformational transitions and molecular structure to polyesters [53]. Ni et al [54] stated that polyesters containing cyclic moieties in their backbone are of transitional mechanical properties in comparison to aromatic and linear polyesters. 1,4 cyclohexanedimethanol could provide an excellent compromise between hardness and flexibility. The two primary hydroxyl functionalities provide excellent reactivity during both the esterification process and the subsequent crosslinking reaction. Although the cyclohexyl ring is completely saturated, the presence of labile beta hydrogens lowers the exterior durability of polyesters based on this diol. Generally, this diol is used for its excellent contribution to hardness and backbone rigidity. Ni et al [54] and Awasthi and Agrawal [56] can be considered in both works, 1,4 cyclohexanedimethanol was used for the synthesis of hydroxylated…show more content…
Awasthi and Agrawal showed that polyesters containing cycloaliphatic moieties such as 1,4 cyclohexanedimethanol, provided better mechanical and chemical resistance properties in

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