Advantages And Disadvantages Of Data Science

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DATA SCIENCE: Data science means mining of structured and unstructured amount of data into a finite form or to identify pattern which help an organization to decrease it costs, increase it efficiency and also to gain new market opportunities. Many of the industries are hiring new data scientists for converting the given raw data into useful information which benefits the organization which is an advantage for them in terms of increasing their competition in this modern world. Data science is a study where the data came from and how the data can be converted into useful patterns or formats. How can this be useful for the organization in converting them? Uses of data science now a days, Companies have become so intelligent using this they are selling their products over internet according to the public interest. Starting from the advertisements over internet and digital advertisement boards all of them are decided using data science algorithms. It is the reason why digital ads get more CRT than traditional ways. For examples: Image recognition, speech recognition, gaming, fraud and risk detection all of them are done using different data algorithms. Uses of data science in Air line route planning: 1. Can predict flight delay 2. Can decide which class of ticket to buy. 3. Can choose a direct flight or can choose a halt in any country. All of the can be done after using data science before that it was difficult for them to manages all of the requirements either customer based
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