College Tuition Essay

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As if deciding on the best daycare program for a child wasn’t difficult enough, over time prices have been absurdly high and heavily contributing to the kind of care a parent can now provide. It is pretty well known that ensuring a good program is usually costly, however, in most states around the country, the cost has now surpassed that of a typical college tuition. Both articles/sources provide baffling evidence of just how expensive daycare has become over the years. Whether it is just emphasizing how drastic the prices are or explaining what to expect on tax breaks, as well as advice on how to approach this meaningful decision, both sources provide ample, informative facts and statistics that help clarify the issue. Ultimately, it all boils…show more content…
Both sources mention the same statistic provided by Child Care Aware of America that “the annual average cost for putting an infant in a daycare center full time was higher than a year’s tuition and fees at a four-year public college in that state.” The two articles also mention that it is so pricey that it is often second only to housing cost. Other eye-opening statistics that are also mentioned in both sources include how many families pay the equivalent of college tuition for daycare and that it exceeds the annual median rent payments in every state. It is no secret that incorporating this expense into a family budget is disruptive. Personally, I agree that the costs are absurd and should be adjusted through some form of government action whether it be by taxes or simply fixating the cost. Ultimately, the price of daycare is an evident issue that many families face in today’s society. In my opinion, it should not cost as much as sending a student to college. I believe childcare services should be better supported by our government and adjusted somehow. The two sources provided do an astounding job of emphasizing just how expensive the service has become and provide very informative statistics that shed light on the issue. Overall, although the price is an important aspect to consider, what matters the most is the quality of care which is a statement I stand
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