Advantages And Disadvantages Of Death Penalty In Mauritius

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Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Background of study With a rise in terrorism, gruesome murders, savage rapes, vehicular manslaughter and mass murders, what will be the appropriate punishment for the offenders? When a person commits an offence, that person violates his or her obligation to the state. Therefore, it is justified that the state deprives the offender of its civil rights so that they do not obtain an unfair advantage over those people who are law abiding. Nevertheless Lakoff (1996) gives an insight about the fact that punishment is varied upon views about the moral system of a person. The punishment given to those criminals should be proportionate to the crime committed because new terror groups have emerged, putting the world into jeopardy. Punishment should be strict, quick and retributive. The punishment should also be able…show more content…
1.4 Research Questions  What are the strengths and drawbacks of death penalty?  Can death penalty be introduced in Mauritius?  What are the impacts of introducing death penalty in Mauritius?  Is the introduction of death penalty an appropriate and effective solution?  Will the introduction of death penalty help in the prevention and deterrence of crimes and criminals? 1.5 Hypothesis Mainly, the purpose of a hypothesis is to whether a population factor which is the mean is true. Four different steps have to be followed for the testing of the hypothesis. The steps are as follows: 1. Formulating the hypotheses. 2. Setting criteria for decision. 3. Computing the test statistic. 4. Making a decision 1.6 Outline of the study Chapter 1: This chapter comprises of an introduction of the subject to be assessed. A problem statement about the study was identified and the aim and objectives of the study was outlined. Chapter 2: In this chapter, a literature review about death penalty together with its strengths and drawbacks is thoroughly

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