Advantages And Disadvantages Of Delicatessen

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Nowadays, There are convenient things in daily life, such as electronic thing applies or delicatessen and I think delicatessen is one of important thing in my life because it makes a lot of convenience for me. I’ll tell about all of the advantages and disadvantages about this important thing that how good and how and is it.

There are several advantages in the delicatessen. First is the convenience , delicatessen has many patterns such as noodle and freeze food. Example , I buy a noodle in seven - eleven is complete , process steps I can do only boiled water to get it finished. Second, it doesn’t spend a lot of time. Delicatessen can made within only 3-5 minutes. For instance, if I get up from the bed late and have personal businesses to do, then I can take just 3-5 minutes to prepare and make it finished after that it’s ready and I can have a good breakfast. Third, I think some of them are delicious and be more than fresh food. This is one thing that I like. It’s my personal thinking. At last, Delicatessen
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First is not good for your health if you eat them a lot. For instance, monosodium is one of a mixture because if you have a lot of monosodium then is not good for health. Second is nutrient. For example, delicatessen have many nutrient, but it’s not enough for the body. Last reason, if people eat the delicatessen too much, there are likely to get a cancer. In conclusion, delicatessen have advantage and disadvantage depend on us to choose it. We have to make it balance. There are different about the amount of nutrient in each person. Some people have a lot of delicatessen but they’re fine. Some people even have a few delicatessen but it’s not good for them and sometimes they get sick. In my opinion, if people eat delicatessen with the balance it please us and make a benefit for every people. If we pick only a good thing from it, we will get a good benefit back from it.

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