Advantages And Disadvantages Of Democracy

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DEMERITS OF DEMOCRACY It is not so easy No system of government will be perfect or accurate, so democracy is also not a perfect and actual system of government. By definition, democracy is complex and productive, ever changing and altering according to national events and processes. Low voter turnout, poor accountability levels or failures in clarity of image, concerns over the validity of elections or questionable voter registration practices can all affect the quality and aspect of democratic process. Human security needs, as a prove in situations of social conflict, severe inequality, health crises, or responses to threats of political violence and/or terrorist incidents, pose challenges for and place additional strains on the maintenance of democratic systems. Fails to provide basic human needs Democracy is accessible to abuse and distinguish by a large variety of limitations. Whether blocked by necessary executive abuse of political power, forced by social tensions within, or limited in the face of internal or external terrorism, or where the population is exhaust up with ‘democracy’ because it fails to provide basic human needs such as shelter, food, livelihood, education and health democracy in today’s world is prone to falter. Indeed, democratic practice in its most huge sense, with its importance on broad and deep participation, is weak in many settings. Popular disappointment can build up not only against the government in power, but also against the concept of
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