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1.1 ) Bavarian cream is a dessert consisting of milk, thickened with eggs and gelatin into which whipped cream is folded. The mixture sets up in a cold mould and is unmoulded for serving. The main ingredient in the recipe is the eggs, whipped cream, gelatin and milk.
1.2) A Bavaroise is the French term for Bavarian cream, which is a gelatin dessert and is very similar to a mousse in texture.

1.3) Bavarian cream is not suitable for serving a vegan because the recipe uses gelatine which is made from the white nerves that is melted from an animal and therefore vegans don’t eat any animals and would therefore not be able to eat this dessert.

1.4 a) Bavaroise is made up of 3 basic elements: a custard sauce, gelatin and whipped cream.
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2.3) There are a few ways of speeding up the gelatin process, to name a few:
• Adding crushed ice cubes as a substitute for water to the dispersed gelatin,
• Placing the mould in a larger bowl with ice water,
• Placing the mould in the freezer for a short time- but don’t allow it to freeze as the ice crystals will damage the gel structure,
• Cooling the ingredients and the moulds before using them.

2.4) The following faults may occur while make the Bavarian cream:
• The presence of enzymes like pineapples, figs and pawpaw contain pathogenic enzymes which will break down the gelatine.
• Sugar weakens the gelatin and affects the setting
• Acids will weaken the setting

3.1 a) To make the egg custard you whisk egg yolks in a bowl with castor sugar until white in colour.
b) Strawberries are not added to the egg custard as this is not a strawberry Bavaroise.

3.2. When custard is cooked too fast, the protein becomes over coagulated and separates from the liquid leaving a mixture resembling fine curds and whey.

3.3. When curdling takes place use a beater and beat the mixture until it is

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