Advantages And Disadvantages Of Deterioration

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v. Environment One of the effective methods that can be apply to reduce the damage due to moisture are the modification of the environment. Example of methods are such as used silica gel which is incorporation of desiccants to control the humidity. Local heating sometimes is the susceptible components that may be practicable and can reduce the relative humidity immediately and minimize the risk of mould growth. 2.0 CHEMICAL AGENT Another cause of deterioration is chemical agent. According to Olubanke M. Bankole “regardless of the chemical constituents, all library materials will decay since the organic matter of which most libraries are made of decay with time. Deterioration of paper-based object is essentially the degradation of cellulose. However, even fragile papers that are well handled could have durability”. Archive and library is such a same place where information are kept. From this article it can be said that all records and materials in the archive also can be damage by chemical agent as well as materials in the library.…show more content…
From the article ‘What Makes Records Deteriorate’ it explains that acid hydrolysis also included in the deterioration of modern records types which is the shrinking and embrittlement of cellulose acetate, it is refer to the base used for the majority of the photographic negatives and motion pictures and some older audiotapes. Acid usually can be found in adhesives, ink and chemicals used to process photographs. Chemical that used to process photograph sometimes can contain pollutants. It also can be hazardous to the photograph

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