Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Libraries

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Abstract The first verse in The Holly Quran started withe Read, which shows how it is important to read in order to gain knowledge and improve the human brain. In the past, this approach was achievable by the traditional libraries. However, the traditional libraries totally got improved nowadays - due to the Internet - to be a digital source and more advanced than before. This report, will deeply explain and cover the most important facts and details related to Digital libraries.

The revolution in the information technology sector produced a digital libraries, which already change the concept of the libraries to be an electronic form. Provide many services comparing with the traditional one. Next three sections will cover
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Also, how many users upload, send or print a specific documents.
• Consultant Service: authors and experts from different type of knowledge could provide their advices to the help seekers.
• Online Education Service: as Thierry volery (3) explained, online courses is an advanced approach to students, employees and researchers which will help them to attend any courses from their homes and places using the digital libraries.

3- Advantage & disadvantage of digital libraries Any system in the world could be evaluated by comparing its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the digital libraries could be listed as blew:-

• Available anywhere: a user have to use a device connected with Internet to access the digital libraries from any place.
• Available anytime: since it is an electronic system, there is no limit time to access the system.
• Multiple accesses: many users can be used the same resources at the same time.
• Search options: a user could find any sources easily by written the name of the topic in the search
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Some techniques or methods could decrease the percentage of stolen information, but it will never cover this issue.
• Internet connection: a user has to be connected with the Internet in order to access the digital libraries. Unfortunately, some places in cities and villages epically in Saudi Arabia have no internet signal yet. Also, speed of access will decreased
• Security: hacking operations could damage all the data have store in thy system. One of challenges is to make sure that the security of the website has protected with high level of standards and conditions.
• Environment: As Suma P. (5) clarified that "digital libraries cannot reproduce the environment of a traditional library. Many people also find reading printed material to be easier than reading material on a computer screen".
• High Fixed Cost: initial cost of digital library is very high. For example, the cost of hardware and

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