Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Library

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The words of “digital library” are basically come from the term of word “library”. Libraries are an organized source of information and the collection of books. A place set that contains all type of book, from about the education to music that is kept for use and not for sale. All material or all kind of information in the library those are very useful or knowledgeable to all users. The material in the library are for the user to use, borrow, reading, viewing, listening, study or doing as a tool of revision or research. In other words, the library is an institution for the user in using the materials available in the library. For users, the library is a place for users to find information and a place where all the information needed in the library. Materials available in the library can be accessed by all users; there is no restriction in the library and the…show more content…
Digital libraries are created to solve problems that occur in the use of digital library manually .Digital libraries play an important role in education. This is because there are many advantages and disadvantages in the use of digital libraries in their daily learning sessions. They know what is best and disadvantages in using digital libraries in their education.
The Effect Digital Library in Education
Digital libraries have played an important role in education. Therefore, the digital library has become the choice of many students and lecturers or instructors to make it as a learning platform where the most rapid and efficient way. The most effective way for user who need information quickly and completely transparent. However, digital libraries have an impact in the field of education. The effects can be divided into two, namely the advantages and disadvantages in education. When the edge of things, definitely a weakness in the matter. So is the same as the impact of digital libraries in education.
Good Effect in Digital Library

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