Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Media

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Digital Media – Group Report 18/11/15 Social Marketing Software FAO: Annette Cosgrove Contents Cover Page Page 1 Contents Page 2 Agora Pulse – Introduction Page 3 Inbox, Reviewing & Publishing Page 4 Price Plans Page 5 Advantages & Disadvantages Page 6 Group Experience Page 7 Buddy Press – Introduction Page 8 Activity Streams & Groups Page 9 Friendships, Messaging & Themes Page 10 Plugins Page 11 Advantages & Disadvantages Page 12 Group Experience Page 13 Short Stack – Introduction Page 14 Templates & Design Page 15 Advantages & Disadvantages Page 16 Group Experience Page 17 Agora Pulse - Group Report - Darienne Arnold As part of my group report for Digital Media, I am required to review a social marketing software. I will be reviewing Agora Pulse. Firstly, Agora Pulse is a social marketing software that allows you to manage all your different social media pages in one place. For example, Your Twitter, Facebook & Instagram page can all be managed in one place. Agora Pulse offers you a 30-day free trial and price plans then start from €29 per/m. Firstly, from signing up for the free 30-day trial, I really got the feel of Agora Pulse. When I first signed up, I was given the option of what business/miscellaneous pages I would like to manage, which were: -Facebook -Twitter -Instagram Signing Up I added my account from the above three social media apps. Immediately, I was logged into my pages quickly and easy. Unfortunately, I couldn 't
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