Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Money

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1.0 Introduction In these days, digital money is the most popular method used for people to make investment or any business. There are many types of digital money such as Bitcoin, Forex, and also Perfect Money. Digital money is not tangible like a dollar bill or coin because it is not tangible and you only can see your money through applications or smartphones. The investments are created through the applications such as MT4 Trader, TD Ameritrade and Tradehero. Digital money will give client high profit with low risk. However, it gives many disadvantages to people especially community in Malaysia. Currently, Malaysian people are easily being tricked by others especially when it involves money. Digital money are mostly used in United States of America because they think that digital money will give high impact to their economy and it is easily used by their community. In Malaysia, most people are involved in Forex and…show more content…
It will give negative impression to community about people that involves in digital money and most of them cannot be trusted. 3.3 Loss Capital and Profit The investor is investing in foreign exchange with high capital because they thought that they are able to gain high profit with low risk. But when they are become victim of fraud, they will lose everything even the capital that they used to make investment. 4.0 Suggestion 4.1 Maximum exposure to citizen In my opinion, people that becomes the victims of online money fraud doesn’t have knowledge and cannot think smart because there are no easy way to get rich. So it is government responsibility to give an exposure to citizen so they will more alert about the online money fraud. Government can organize seminar, workshop and many more to help people know why online money is not

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