Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Technology

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Personally, the use of digital technology plays a dominant role in my daily routine. I use technology to communicate with friends and my family, to assist me with my homework, to buy online items. I use technological devices such as toasters and microwaves to make my meals. I interviewed my family concerning the importance of technology to them; each holds great importance in incorporating digital tools in their daily lives.
As an individual, I have faced the following disadvantages;
• Disruption of services (internet, television, telephone)
• Malfunctioning of devices
• Identity theft
• Breach of privacy
• Scams, spams and viruses
• Obsolete equipment
My parents explained that we (Indians) are primarily an agricultural based society. Labor intensive work would have slowed down the industry and
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With the establishments, of various IT firms such as Infosys, Wipro, Oracle etc. the development of innovative apps has been encouraged which has led to major strides in the delivery of various services in the country.
Communications has become easier and cheaper for the common man and even the remotest part of the country is accessible through mobile services and have television and internet access. Cheaper and easily available technology has led in the improvement of road and railway infrastructure as well as airports. Simultaneously, the growing economy of the country has increased the purchasing power of the common man giving him easy access to all modes of transport which further boosts the local economy.
My friends described particular problems that they have faced, that disrupted their schedule during their everyday lives. These events include their car breaking down, the clock stops working, the phone charger is broken or kitchen appliances failed to function properly. They emphasized how small details like these alter their routine, postpone processes and communication is

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