Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digitalization

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The advanced technology breaks the boundary of time and place, for instance, a person can talk and chat in the same time even though they are separated by time and place (different place and time). People can easily communicate one another whenever and wherever they need. This new era has changed the life-style, even creates new civilization of human’s life style. It is not only the way people communicate one another, but also the way they provide their daily needs. The era of digitalization has created new way in information and communication but also economy, industry, art, culture, education, and politics.
The development technology from analog to digital is started by the invention of computer. The development of technology is demanded by the needs of automatically tools. The digital technology offers many advantages; it is well known as easier, sophisticated, and more efficiency. The computer can ménage data digitally. The
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In the early 2000, this technology takes big parts of digitalization era. People can access the information easily by on-line. The information and communication grow fast and it open new economically aspects. It makes boundless among people in everywhere. People are demanded by not only being hard work but also smarter and more creative. The digitalization era has changed the world-view in this era. This era demands people to use digital tools to make their work and activity faster, easier, and better result.
In the digitalization era, technology is used as the tools to achieve the maximum results. Because the competition has higher and faster, people need the digital technology to fulfill their productivity. For instance, people can produce and publish their art works personally in their blog easily and freely without waiting the agreement of publisher. By digital technology, there are a lot of thing opened for those who are creative, and it is decrease the
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