Advantages And Disadvantages Of Disarmament

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Human invented disastrous things like atom bomb hydrogen bomb etc. to rule the world but actually it is not happened. In reality atom rule the world now.
There are mainly three peace keeping approaches in the international politics to manage the war or big threat to the world like world war first and second, cold war and terrorist attacks by the means of arms and destructive weapons and nuclear weapons which can ruin the world, those approaches are :-
1. Arms control
2. Disarmament
3. Collective security
Disarmament is the process of reducing, limiting or abolishing weapons. Disarmament generally refers to the type of military or specific weapon system in a country. The most common form of disarmament is the abolition of weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear weapons. General and complete disarmament refers to the elimination of all weapons, including conventional weapons, from the possession of States and other entities, groups or individuals capable of aggressive behavior

Generally speaking, disarmament means the
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Desire for the abolition of armaments has been expressed from time to time since the beginning of the present century; however it becomes intense only after the Second World War. With the use of atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the question of disarmament assumed new dimensions. But the problem of disarmament is not exclusively a legal is a many faceted problem political, economic, technical military and legal. Its legal aspect became significant with the efforts made by the United Nations for the formulation of a comprehensive international
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