Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diverse Society

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Diversity in a society is brought about when people come together from different racial backgrounds, nationalities, religions and belief systems to form a group or community. Ideally, a diverse society can be described as a community that recognizes that people with different backgrounds, abilities, attitudes and experiences bring with them new ideas and views. Such societies seek to encourage and harness these differences to further develop and meet the needs of people living in that society. Diverse societies have advantages, such as a larger spectrum of economic potential, and a population pool which is more accepting and open to different ideas. However, with advantages, there are disadvantages, such as each individual group losing their uniqueness and cultural identity. Diverse societies, with an influence from globalization, have a bigger pool of talent to draw from. People from different parts of the world bring with each of them the ability to open doors for the society in which they reside to do business with their country of origin, thus expanding the society’s economic potential and reach. Prejudices and discriminations notwithstanding, people simply find it more comfortable to deal with their own kind. As a society grows, the need for more skilled workers also grows in order to sustain economic growth and progress. With a diverse society, this issue can be overcome. People of different ethnicities, abilities and genders living in the society can offer up a

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