Advantages And Disadvantages Of Domestic Tourism In Malaysia

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Domestic tourism is tourism involving residents of one country traveling only within that country (Domestic tourism, 2015). In 1960s, tourism industry in Malaysia has been traditionally concentrated and promoted towards international markets. Nowadays, the tourism sector has grown rapidly and has been ranked the second largest foreign income earners. A domestic tourist can be defined as "any person residing in Malaysia regardless of his/her nationality who travels to a place at least 40 kilometres away (one way) from his/her usual place of residence for at least one night or less than one night for any reason other than following an activity remunerated at the place visited". The falls of ringgit in 2015 have decreased the motivation and intention of local residents to travel abroad. Although it is a threat from economy, it has given an opportunity for domestic…show more content…
In the past, Malaysian only travelled for other purposes than leisure. As time go by, the mind-set of Malaysian have changed, they started to realise the value of leisure tourism. During school holidays, long weekend and public holidays, Malaysian will choose to travel domestically in all around the country. Sometimes, on the weekend, they might want a short getaway from the usual place, it is suitable to travel for two days one night or one day trip in Malaysia. Even though it doesn't bring valuable foreign currency into the country, but it does offer many of the other advantages of inbound tourism. Domestic tourism is able to bring in job opportunities and stimulate economic growth and development. Thus, the purpose of developing domestic tourism can lead to several benefits. It is important to uncover many other aspects of Malaysians as travelers, including typical requirements and their psychographic backgrounds, in order to gain better understanding and to plan better products to meet their
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