Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Book And Paper Books

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Abstract Nowadays, with the emergence of e-books, people can not help comparing e-books with paper books and debating their respective advantages and disadvantages. This research paper also tends to dialectically answer this classic debate question: e-books and paper books which is better? Relevant literature was searched from various databases and analyzed to achieve the purpose of this study. The study finds that e-books is a relatively sensible choice compared with paper books from the aspects of environment friendly, convenience and high efficiency. Through this study it is useful for readers to have an overview about e-books and paper books, and call for more people to read e-books together.
With the development of the technology, people's way of reading has changed gradually. With the continuous improvement of electronic devices such as Kindle, iPad, and so on, more people choose to use electronic books ( e-books ). At the same time, more people discuss the advantages and
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E-books change only the way of reading, and the content of the books is still the same. In this case, plus e-books have a lot of benefits, why not use e-books? At the same time, we should not blindly discard the paper books, we should consider his collection value and other advantages. In Chinese book, the most classic books or the latest papers are published in p-books. When the content of books is extensive and profound, readers are still the first choice of paper books. Nevertheless, in this advanced information age, reading e-books has quietly become a trend. For the sake of our environment and personal convenience, it is high time that we should urge more people to use the

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