Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Choupal Initiative

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THE ITC e-CHOUPAL INITIATIVE Introduction Inclusive growth is one of most important factors for sustainable growth of any country. India is the home to almost one sixth of the world population but majority of its population lives in the villages and are employed in agriculture. Agriculture in India is home to 72% of the population and 60% of the nation’s workforce. Although India has been one of the fastest developing nations in the world over the last decade it is important to grow with a sense of equity. If the growth is focused within a particular sector it might to lead to skewed growth which may not be sustainable in the long run especially when the majority of the population is employed elsewhere. ITC’s e-Choupal initiative is an example of how technology can be leveraged to optimize the entire value chain irrespective of the constraints. It shows how opportunities can be created when one is able to become more responsible tries to empower the participants in the business. When ITC was trying to serve a social cause by addressing some of the inefficiencies in the system it inevitably created a business opportunity albeit with an inherent social cause that would empower the farmer community as well as the business of ITC. The e-Choupal initiative is about transforming business through leveraging technology and empowering the participants in the whole setting. Choupal traditionally means a meeting place in the village where the people of the village would meet and

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