Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Learning

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Advantages and disadvantages of E -Learning to the Trainer and Organization Some advantages of e-learning to the trainer or organization are [21]: • Cost reduction is the most important factor in adopting e-learning. The elimination of costs associated with instructor 's salaries, meeting room rentals, and student travel, lodging, and meals are directly quantifiable. reduce the time spent away from the job by employees may be the most positive offshoot. • Learning times reduced • Consistent delivery of content is possible with asynchronous, self-paced e-learning. • Expert knowledge also, available for all student to access any time • Proof of completion and certification, automatically training of essential elements Some advantages of e-learning to the Learner Along with the increased retention, reduced the time of learning, and other benefits to students, particular advantages of e-learning include [21]: • On-demand availability enables students to complete training in anywhere and any time • Self-pacing for slow or quick learners reduces stress and increases confidence. • Interactivity engages users, pushing them rather than encourage them through training. Disadvantages of e-learning to the Trainer or Organization • Up-front investment e learning system required a larger amount to develop. • Technology issues that play a factor include whether the existing technology infrastructure can accomplish the training goals, whether additional tech expenditures can be
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