Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Marketing

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Marketing fundamentals has always been adopted in India since ancient times.There was exchange of goods for another goods which was known as barter system. When trading started first time in India there was some marketing principles. Since then, marketing has come a long way in India.The traditional marketing strategies and methods of marketing have revolutionised the marketing now a days. E-marketing is the mixture of latest communication technology and traditional marketing.This integration of modern technology and brick and mortar marketing has created the new technique of e-marketing. E-marketing refers to the use of Internet to marketing activities. E-marketing uses internet and all technologies to interact with customers and sell goods and services to consumers. It is far better than traditional marketing. Today Internet is the means of interaction with crores of consumers for business purposes. Internet is the central force for e-marketing activities. Marketers can not do business without use of latest internet technology and can not reach to customers.

Advantages of e-marketing

There are some advantages of e-marketing over traditional marketing.

Reach : Customers can reach to the global markets with help of Internet. Customers can buy from any market. There is no physical or geographical

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