Advantages And Disadvantages Of EMU

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The KTM Commuter train used the electric multiple units (EMU), EMU is a multiple unit train that consists of self-propelled carriages, the electric that able to move the power and not separated locomotive. Mostly, the EMU trains was used for passengers, but now some of EMU trains used to carries luggage or mail, either the departmental use as example as de-icing trains. Therefore, the multiple unit trains capable of function with another units. The reason of chooses the EMU trains control because; i. Pollution-free operation The KTM Commuter trains use electrification to move the weight of the trains and save up to 100% of air pollution and noise pollution rather than the DMU that operate using diesel that will harm the environmental surrounding. The EMU trains able to operate until at night without disturbing the neighbourhood and the resident along the railway lines, they are prefer quieter than DMUs and locomotive-drawn trains. ii. Acceleration Due to their fast speed which they operated in urban area that have frequent stopping, the trains using the EMU to operated. In addition, the EMU have lower weight per seat value than locomotive trains that do not function itself to carry the passengers, this show the trains services that stops frequently would consumed a lot energy to accelerate the trains. Therefore, the EMU trains have the ability to accelerate more than the locomotive type of trains. iii. Save Cost The EMU trains can save up the cost of building tunnel for
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